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Safety First! Buckle Up For Our 5 Favorite Vehicle Safety Accessories

Great Vehicle Upgrades for Safety & Security

There’s nothing more important than the safety and security of your passengers. Due to recent global events, finding the best vehicle safety accessories from top brands has become a bit harder as supplies are limited.

Mobile One Auto Sound can help you source the top car security systems and driver safety accessories for your vehicle. We perform security system installations and can advise on the perfect security system for your car.

There’s more to car security and safety than car alarm systems. There are many aftermarket systems you can add to your vehicle that improves its safety, security, and comfort. Here, we’ll rundown five types of vehicle safety accessories we can install and why you might want to add them to your car.

Radar detectors

The latest radar detectors can tell you a lot about the road ahead. Besides tracking law enforcement radar and laser speed detection devices, they offer Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and GPS. Radar detectors give you a lot more information on the roads around you and what to expect, making you a much more informed driver.

We offer mounted, corded, and cordless radar detectors. There are pros and cons to each option. Some are easier to install but easier to steal, others are simple to install but aren’t as accurate. When you come to us for radar detector installation in Metairie, Gretna, or Covington, we advise the best option for your vehicle and needs.

Remote start and security

Remote start is a great convenience to add to any car. Remote start systems allow you to start and stop the ignition of your vehicle from afar. The right systems also allow you to open and close the doors and trunk and check on your vehicle’s gas and mileage.

Remote systems that work through Wi-Fi can be controlled via your smartphone anywhere in the world, and paired with a security system, they can be a great way to ensure you know where your car is at all times and it never gets stolen. A strong security system is a deterrent in itself, as thieves will see if they attempt to steal your car you will be alerted immediately and the authorities contacted.


Dashcams protect you from the legal repercussions of a fender bender. Without a dashcam, another driver can suggest you were at fault for an accident when you were driving safely, potentially costing you a fortune in damages. It’s even become increasingly common for people to intentionally cause small accidents by slamming on their brakes. Without a dashcam proving this happened, it’s hard to argue something this egregious happened.

Dashcams include multiple connectivity options so you can hook up multiple cameras. With continuous loop recording and cloud video management, you’ll always have a record of what happened on the road.

We offer dashcams from Cobra Escort, Blackvue, Firsttech and Kenwood. Many dash cams include functionality found in radar detectors and advanced driving assistance so you get an alert when you drift out of your lane.

Anti-collision system

Newer vehicles invariably include anti-collision, lane departure, and parking sensors as standard. These systems warn you when you’re about to hit someone that might be in your blind spot, when you’re drifting out of your lane on the highway, or when you’re about to hit a wall when parking. More advanced systems can automatically swerve your vehicle to avoid a collision.

You can add these features to your vehicle easily with an aftermarket anti-collision safety system installed by Mobile One Auto Sound. We offer safety and collision products from Kenwood, iBeam, Echomaster, and Voxx Electronics, to name but a few brands.

Window tint and film

Often overlooked as an important safety feature, window tint and film makes it easier to drive when the sun is out. Not only does window tint and film keep your vehicle cool when the weather is hot, but it also stops the glare of the sun from blinding you at important times. You can concentrate on the road better even when another driver forgets to drop their high beams.

Window tint and film are also useful deterrents for car security. Many times, thieves break into cars because they see something sitting on the seat they can steal. Research has shown that window tint can stop thieves from attempting to steal a vehicle or anything in it.

Car Security System Installation Near Me

For car alarm installation, car security systems, and aftermarket safety system installation, come to Mobile One Auto Sound, the professionals in your area. We have three convenient locations in Metairie, Covington, and Gretna to serve the entire New Orleans area. Stop in and see us today, or shoot us a message to get your questions answered.

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