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Sounds of Summer: 5 Upgrades to Make to Your Vehicle

Sweet car upgrades for a superb ride

Summer fun is here, which means it’s time to get your vehicle ready to face the great outdoors. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we’re all about offering car audio in Covington, LA as well as Metairie and Covington. For car stereo installation in New Orleans, we’re the guys to call! We even offer marine audio if you want to kit out your boat or jet-ski with the latest audio gadgetry.

Of course, this means we have some great ideas for upgrades you can make to your vehicle this summer. Here, we’ve listed just five upgrades that will get your car ready for the road.

In-dash stereo

First, let’s talk about the brains of the operation. Your in-dash stereo or head unit is your interface to interact with your car audio system. The smarter and more technologically advanced your in-dash unit is, the better.

Even the moniker car stereo is a little outdated when you consider all the things a modern in-dash unit can do. Many in-dash units have a screen, which opens up a lot of possibilities. With support for Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto, you can control the screen using your phone. In fact, you can download apps to your phone, display them on the in-dash screen, and manipulate them using the in-dash buttons or touchscreen.

You also want to consider where your audio is coming from. With an always-connected 4G system, you can stream audio using online providers like Spotify and Deezer wherever you are, as long as you have an internet signal. A head unit with satellite radio can pick up clear digital radio signals wherever you roam. Or if you prefer, you can keep your audio stored on a hard disk in your trunk and play it from there so you never have to worry about signals or even keeping your phone charged.

Car audio speakers in New Orleans

Arguably the next most important items to consider in your car audio setup are the speakers. Most manufacturers aren’t known for their outstanding factory-installed speakers. They know that most people buying won’t test them out on the showroom, so there’s not much point in spending more on improving them. This means factory-installed speakers often sound weak and easily distort.

A new set of speakers from JL Audio, Hertz, Pioneer, Kenwood, or Rockford Fosgate is just the ticket. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we offer professional car stereo speaker installation in Louisiana, so you can be confident your speakers will be installed snugly and perfectly fit your car’s interior aesthetic.

Amp it up

To avoid distortion completely, you need an amplifier that’s capable of outputting the power you need. Amps suffer from being out of sight, out of mind, so people think they’re not necessary. But every car audio system requires an amp, whether it's built into the head unit or a separate system entirely. Amps take the weak signal that comes out from your stereo and amplifies it so it's strong enough to come out of your speakers without distortion.

We recommend car stereo amplifiers from Hertz, JL Audio, Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, and Kenwood. We’ll be able to advise the exact size and type of amp you need for your setup when you call us or drop in.

Digital processing

For perfection in in-car audio sound, we recommend a digital processing unit. You can think of a digital processor as a more complex equalizer. It’s possible to send different audio signals to each of your in-car speakers to balance out the sound.

Digital processors are a great choice if you find your factory-installed audio unit to be adequate but lack a certain oomph. Most factory units will only have basic options for altering the bass and treble or fading the sound from front to back. A digital processing unit allows for much better control of the sound after it’s left your factory head unit, so it can be used to tweak the sound of your audio without replacing the head unit itself.

Sound damping

What about the external road noise and sounds from other vehicles that can put a downer on your sound experience? Don’t overlook sound damping as an important part of getting the ultimate in-car audio experience. Sound damping material can absorb and dissipate sound clutter. You’ll hear less noise from your engine and more sound from your audio system. Rattles, road noise, and other annoying external noise will be a thing of the past.

Upgrade your car audio in Metairie, LA

If you’re looking for the premier source for marine audio and car audio near Covington, LA, look no further than Mobile One Auto Sound. Our team of product experts is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect car speakers or and other accessories. Plus, we have factory-trained car audio installation experts to get the job done quickly and done right. Stop by one of our three locations in Metairie, Covington, or Gretna to start shopping!

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