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Summer Safety Upgrades to Make in 2021

Aftermarket car upgrades that improve safety and security

If you’ve seen marketing for the safety features of new car models for sale, you may feel somewhat jealous of the safety, security, and convenience these features bring. But you don’t need a new car to get the benefits of all these cool new systems. Aftermarket car accessories installed by the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound can upgrade your vehicle with all the latest tech at a fraction of the price you’d pay for them in a new vehicle.

Mobile One Auto Sound is the authorized dealer of a wide range of safety and security tech. We carry products from ATrend, Cobra, Directed, AudioControl, Hertz, Escort, Heise, and Voxx, to name but a few.

Safety and anti-collision tech

Avoid accidents with anti-collision technology. Systems from IBeam, Echomaster, Kenwood, and Voxx add cameras, sensors, and motors to your vehicle, making it a much safer ride. A backup camera shows you the road behind you when you’re reversing into a tight spot. A blind-spot camera gives you perfect vision of the places difficult to see from the driver’s seat. And parking sensors can alert you when you’re getting too close to a bollard or wall.


Motorists are increasingly installing dashcams, which are cameras that record everything that happens on the road in front of you. Dashcams can be invaluable in situations where fender benders occur, as it’s easy to use the recorded video to prove you were not at fault.

Remote start

Remote start systems offer an additional level of security for your vehicle. Sure, you can use a remote start system to start up your car as you approach it, but they also do so much more. You can monitor the location of your vehicle, making it easy to track it in case it is stolen. You can check the temperature of your vehicle, or honk the horn remotely. Remote start systems also work well in tandem with security systems.

Security systems

Millions of vehicles are broken into each year, so a car security system is a virtual necessity. Factory-installed security systems, while better than nothing, often only have very basic keyless entry and door sensors. A car security system from Mobile One Auto Sound has much more functionality.

For one, you get a longer operating range of up to 6,000 feet. With the right system, you can use your smartphone to control the system, too, so you have unlimited range. The security system can detect impacts and has motion sensors for the doors and windows. You can protect your trunk, detect when the vehicle is tilting and cut off the starter completely remotely.

Further to this, proper automotive security systems are a strong deterrent. They have a loud siren and include a backup battery in case thieves attempt to circumvent them. You can use a remote app to lock and unlock the doors and trunk, and there’s a panic button if you want to alert the authorities that your car or its passengers are in danger.

You can often put all these features together in one package that also includes GPS navigation, satellite radio, and media streaming, all from one central system that you can control from your dashboard or smartphone.

Window tint

Window tinting has a few safety and security benefits. It’s been shown that thieves are warier about attempting to break into a vehicle with a window tint, as they can’t see what’s inside and they don’t know whether it's worth the risk. Without window tinting, it's easy for thieves to see your valuables, for example.

Window tinting also lowers the chance of an accident caused by the glare of the sun or the bright headlights of another vehicle. With professional window tinting, you will always be able to see the road ahead and behind you clearly, giving you more time to react to adverse situations.

In the event of an accident, winding tinting helps to keep your windshield intact. As window tinting is essentially a strong film that covers your entire windshield, it helps keep the windshield from shattering in the case of an accident. This reduces the change of laceration or serious cuts caused by a shattered windshield.

Mobile One Auto Sound

Get in touch with us today for your summer safety upgrade needs. We have three locations to serve you in Metairie, Gretna, and Covington. We’re open from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

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