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The Best Aftermarket Rear Seat Entertainment Systems for Traveling with Kids

Our New Orleans Technicians Will Help You Choose the Right One for Your Vehicle

The road trip is a way for families to bond and spend time together. In a fast-paced, modern society, it can be difficult for families to find time to spend together, and a road trip can provide an opportunity for us to disconnect and focus on each other.

The road trip has played a role in shaping American culture and identity. As families have traveled to different parts of the country, they have been exposed to different cultures and ways of life, which has helped to create a sense of national unity and shared experiences.

On the other hand, being cooped up in your family vehicle together for several days at a stretch can sometimes be a strain, particularly if you have small children. You'll probably find they're not quite so impressed at the rolling hills and vistas, and can quickly become bored and restless.

This can be compounded if you're making a relatively mundane trip. We often need to travel with kids to visit relatives, move home, or make deliveries. Sometimes, these trips are stressful, and we need to keep our concentration on the road and the job at hand. It's then useful to have a rear seat entertainment system to keep the kids occupied so you're able to focus.

Rear Seat Entertainment Systems Overview

A rear seat entertainment system is typically installed in or on the headrests of your vehicle. If your vehicle didn’t come with a rear seat entertainment system installed as standard, you can get an aftermarket rear seat entertainment system from Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our high-quality entertainment systems for cars are specially chosen to complement your car’s interior, so they’ll look just as good as a factory-installed option.

What Is the Best Rear Seat Entertainment System?

It’s important to choose a rear seat entertainment system that elevates the look and feel of your vehicle. Inexpensive options exist that can certainly do the job, but we typically recommend mid-range to luxury entertainment systems for cars because they don’t cheapen your car’s interior.

When it comes time to sell your family hauler, a high-quality rear seat entertainment system can be a unique selling point. Indeed, your vehicle’s aftermarket rear seat entertainment system will be especially valuable to buyers with children, who can foresee relaxing family road trips in their future.

We often recommend rear seat entertainment systems from VOXX Electronics Corporation, as they’re a leader in in-vehicle rear seat entertainment. With over two decades of installations, you know you’re getting a system that will stand the test of time.

Choosing Your Rear Seat Entertainment System

When deciding which VOXX system to choose, you must first, consider the type of rear seat entertainment system you prefer. There are seat-back systems that fit snugly into your headrests for a flush, compact, and clean look. Then there are entertainment systems that connect via a bracket that are easier to remove and take with you. Another potential installation style is a roof-mounted LED-backlit monitor. The right option for you depends mostly on your vehicle's make, model, and size. Mobile One Auto Sound can offer our advice based on the hundreds of installations we’ve done over the years.

Next, consider the right size for your screens. Seven-inch screens will work in just about any vehicle, but 10.1-inch screens make for a better entertainment experience. It’s typically best to go for the biggest screens that still fit comfortably into the headrests of your vehicle, but this depends on your needs.

Finally, consider the features that will really be useful to you. Many seat-back entertainment systems include a DVD or Bluray player, for instance. You can always rely on physical media to work wherever you are, no matter the quality of the Internet connection. On the other hand, if you don’t own DVDs, a system that can play movies from a connected hard drive, laptop, or mobile device may serve you better.

And there’s always the option of streaming media, where your kids can view YouTube and Netflix content directly on your entertainment system as long as there is an Internet connection. Most apps also allow you to download videos for offline viewing, so if your Wi-Fi signal goes out, there’ll still be something for the kids to watch on your rear seat entertainment system.

See Our Entertainment Systems for Cars In-Person at One of Our Locations

Mobile One offers shopping and installation services at all three of our locations in the New Orleans area, making it easy for you to stop in.

Our expert technicians can help you choose an aftermarket rear seat entertainment system and schedule an installation at a time that’s convenient for you. Stop in to see us soon, and revolutionize your family’s attitude on road trips.

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