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The Best Ways To Keep Sound In - Or Out Of - Your Car

Snag Sound Damping Solutions To Improve Your Car Audio In New Orleans This Summer

There’s nothing more annoying than the noise in your car being overbearing. You know, too loud to even hear the car stereo or a Bluetooth phone call? Most people just deal with that annoyance, but the truth is soundproofing your vehicle is much easier than people think. In fact, the noise can usually be pinpointed to either mechanical components, tires, or wind. There are likely simpler solutions for each than you would imagine, and Mobile One Auto Sound near New Orleans can help. Check out our solutions to this frustrating problem.

Add Sound Damping Mats on the Floor

We’ll take a look at the top way to soundproof your car first: sound damping. The undercarriage is the culprit for a lot of noise that enters the car and affects how you hear your car audio system; it’s surprisingly thin for something that sits so close to the ground. Using sound damping mats and materials, you can soundproof the floor of your car and silence excess noise.

Made out of durable, soundproof material, damping mats work by absorbing noise and reducing vibration. How much sound damping you need will depend on your vehicle’s age, make, model, and bodystyle - and how quiet you want the car to be. Installing sound damping mats on the floor of your car takes a lot of work, including removing upholstery and other finished materials. But don’t worry about that. Let the best car audio shop in New Orleans handle it for you: Mobile One.

Upgrade Your Car Stereo

If you’re having trouble hearing your car stereo with clarity, or maybe you’re getting a major rattle from your subwoofer as you drive down the road, then it might be time for a new car stereo installation. Upgrading your car stereo isn’t as simple as you may expect. If you want a truly custom sound system, you’ll need to choose your own tweeters, subs, and other equipment to fit into your listening preferences. Let’s take a look at some of those:

  • Subwoofers - Subwoofers bring the bass by producing low notes that emphasize the deepest, lowest tones in your music. They need a lot of power to operate correctly and most likely will also require a powerful amplifier to get the best performance.

  • Tweeters - What the subwoofer is to the low notes, the tweeters are to the high notes. These are the small car speakers that you need if you want to hear the full spectrum of sounds, including the high-pitched ones. Good tweeters will enhance sounds like female voices, piano keys, and other sound effects. These have to be installed in specific locations for the best sound from your car speakers.

  • A new head unit - The main component of your stereo, a head unit is responsible for giving you all the features you’d ever want in a new car audio system. Today’s aftermarket stereos let you control your music and how it sounds, plus gives you hands-free access to stream music and place phone calls.

Car Door Insulation Keeps Sound In

Most car doors are just empty space on the inside. This opens up the chance for many different road sounds to get inside your car and cause vibrations and noise that overpowers your car stereo or car speakers. These sounds include high wind and road sounds from your tires rolling. This lack of insulation is the same thing that lets your music escape from your vehicle, turning heads as you drive down the road. Mobile One can fix that. By adding insulation in your car doors - similar to sound damping mats on the floor - you can get the most out of your car stereo. Sound damping is just one of our car audio services in New Orleans. Let our experts help you with the installation, so you can avoid costly mistakes and missteps.

Is Soundproofing Right For You?

While most people are in their car a lot, not everyone values the quality of their car audio as much as others. The interior car audio experience is more than just being able to hear your tunes. Soundproofing provides a more comfortable and enjoyable experience by improving the ambience inside of your car. If you have a car, and you drive it often, the answer to the question of whether you need soundproofing should be yes.

Don’t forget that you can pace the process. You don’t have to take every measure all at once. Come into your car audio shop in New Orleans and let us help you build a plan that fits your needs and budget over time.

Where Can I Find the Best Soundproofing with Car Audio Installation Near Me?

Mobile One Auto Sound has three locations for you to choose from to upgrade your car audio in the New Orleans area. Our technicians are very knowledgeable, and we carry all the top brands. You can feel comfortable putting your car’s sound in our hands.

Want to learn more about car stereo installation, car speakers, car audio, or any other of our products or services? Contact us in Covington at (985) 809-0172, Mertairie at (504) 454-5104, or Gretna at (504) 366-1127. We also invite you to contact us online, too. We’re excited to show you the best experience you’ll have with car audio in New Orleans!

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