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The Difference Between Car Speakers and Boat Speakers

Why We Think Rockford Fosgate Is One of the Top Boat Audio Brands

There is nothing better than enjoying time out on the water. You can have a relaxing fishing trip or kick it into high-gear with your favorite water sports. Don’t just settle for factory speakers or a portable sound system when you’re hitting the waves, get the best boat audio available from Rockford Fosgate.

At first glance, you might think boat speakers are the same as car speakers. While they have a lot in common, marine audio speakers are more suited for the elements. Read about the key differences between your car speakers and marine audio installation.

Marine Audio Is More Durable

Whether you have a speedboat, pontoon, or yacht, you need a speaker that can stand up to salt corrosion, humidity, sun exposure, and water. Car speakers are not meant to handle the elements and are safely tucked away in the interior of your car.

The best boat speaker brands, like Rockford Fosgate, are made with extremely durable materials that protect them from getting damaged by different climates. This includes tough plastics and strong adhesives that make marine audio waterproof and protect vital components like the circuit board.

Car speakers are made with paper cones to produce the sounds of your favorite tunes. If there’s one thing about paper, it’s that it can’t get wet. Boat audio uses plastic cones, so you can listen to music without having to worry about the elements. Rubber surrounds speakers to offer further protection from harsh conditions, and to give your audio system a secure fit.

The Wiring Is Much Different in Marine Audio Installation

The wiring in boat speakers is protected with weatherproof and waterproof material to stop moisture or salt from getting into the electrical system. In fact, the electric components in marine audio are more complicated than the kind you find in a car, which is why you always need a boat audio expert to install your sound system.

Rockford Fosgate makes a Bluetooth audio receiver for boat audio installation that’s perfect for streaming music or your favorite podcast. It’s a great way to upgrade your boat speakers without spending a lot of money.

The Best Boat Speaker Brands Have a Bigger Sound

Car speakers are used in small spaces. If you roll the windows down, you can barely hear factory speakers from across a parking lot. Boat speakers need to be much louder and installed more strategically than car speakers, in order to compete with noise from the water, wind and engine.

It’s not all about the driver, either. Wakeboarders and waterskiers want to listen to music while they’re behind your boat. Car speakers can’t reach that distance, but boat speakers are built to disperse sound to a wider area.

That doesn’t mean you need huge speakers to get the best sound. Rockford Fosgate manufactures high-quality speakers that fit in just about any size boat, so you can rock out while riding the waves. Always hire an expert for your marine audio installation.

If you try to install boat speakers by yourself, you risk hurting yourself and damaging your boat, which could cost you a lot more money than quality installation.

You Can Count on Rockford Fosgate Boat Speakers

Rockford Fosgate designs and manufactures their products with passion and purpose. In fact, all of their components are built for audio fanatics, and they pride themselves on implementing the most advanced technology in their boat speakers.

Rockford Fosgate offers boat speakers and subwoofers that feature RGB LED lighting. They even connect to your smartphone, so you can adjust the sound and lighting to your liking at the touch of a button. Upgrade your boat with powerful speakers, universal marine cover systems, video cables, and a lot more.

Rockford makes more than marine audio. Ask your car audio specialist about audio for off-road vehicles or accessories to enhance your motorcycle.

Find the Best Boat Speaker Brands and Marine Audio Installation at Mobile One Auto Sound

Are you looking for stress-free installation? Then turn to the experts at Mobile One, where we have what it takes to enhance your boat and car. Look at our large inventory of speakers, subwoofers, waterproof antennas, and other marine accessories for the ultimate listening experience.

Don’t wait until summer for boat speaker installation. Mobile One has three convenient locations in the New Orleans area to get new sound by summer. We even offer financing for qualified customers. Contact our team online or call our shops in Metairie, Gretna, and Covington to request an appointment with a marine audio expert.

Let us enhance more than your boat! Our technicians can install remote starts for your car, phone mounts for your motorcycle, and window tint.

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