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The Most Important Audio Accessories for Killer Sound

Building the In-Car Audio Experience of Your Dreams

Upgrading your car audio can be a little tricky as there are so many parts you can choose to replace. The first thing to consider is what you really want from your sound system. Maybe you'd like to reproduce a concert atmosphere or get the perfect mix of natural, clear sound. For some buyers, the bass of a car audio system is of paramount importance, whereas other people see it as just one element of a good car audio setup. Great sound for some means loud, whereas others prefer reproducing the original sound as accurately as possible. The choices you make here will define where you spend most of your money, but everyone needs good speakers.

Speakers are not everything in aftermarket car audio accessories, but they're undoubtedly important. Some top brands include JL Audio, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Rockford Fosgate, but we can advise you better if you discuss your needs directly with us because your car's design will determine the size and style of speakers you need.

Whether you need full-range speakers or not (this depends on mounting location), you'll need to choose between 6.5-inch and 6.9-inch units. Bigger isn't always better, and you'll need to consider the build materials, frequency range, impedance, power handling, and RMS sensitivity of the speakers on offer.

The receiver (or head unit) is the brains of your car audio system, so look for functionality you might use such as Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, and customizable displays. Depending on your requirements, you might want to choose a receiver with USB inputs, remote control, or outputs for a preamp.

Most of the time, a large touchscreen can serve to improve your vehicle's dashboard. While wattage is somewhat important, the features of a receiver are arguably more important, as your amplifier will take care of powering the speakers of your system.

Component Speakers

Besides your main speakers, component speakers can accent the sound and bring more realism to your audio experience. Component speakers can cover some frequencies of sound that get lost or muffled in an in-car system.

Often, we suggest moving full-range speaker units to the back and add tweeters and crossovers up front. The best car speakers installed correctly can transform your music experience and completely change how you feel about driving.

A multichannel amplifier gives you the flexibility to add components to your system. Amplifiers also boost the sound and give you greater control over how the sound is routed to your aftermarket car speakers, subwoofers, and component speakers.

We typically advise you to get an aftermarket car amp with as many channels as you can afford, preferably a five-channel system for maximum flexibility, though a four-channel system can be used in a pinch.

Subwoofers add that powerful bass that's become synonymous with impressive car audio installations. The best car subwoofers should be connected to a separate mono channel amp, but if you've chosen a five-channel amp for your system, then this should suffice.

As with all the best car audio accessories on the market, you need to consider more than just the sticker price. Subwoofers all have different load, impedance, sensitivity, sizes, types, and frequency ranges, and the best subwoofer for your vehicle depends on many factors. This is why it's best to get the advice of a professional car audio installation company.

Subwoofer Box

An overlooked requirement is the box your subwoofer is installed in. Make sure your new subwoofer is installed in an enclosure that's designed for it or you'll get subpar performance or even damage your new aftermarket subwoofer.

The Best Aftermarket Car Audio Accessories in Louisiana

Perfecting an aftermarket car audio system is quite tough. There are many elements to the system and it pays not to go off halfcocked. You might buy an expensive set of speakers only to find they don't suit your vehicle well and your audio experience is no better than the factory-installed system. Similarly, you could overspend or underspend on your amplifier and head unit, leaving you with a car audio system that doesn't impress anyone.

Contact Mobile One Auto Sound for expert advice on what you really need in your vehicle to improve the sound experience. We'll put together a system that fits your budget, one that can be upgraded or tweaked in the future at a minimal cost. Every vehicle is different and requires a different touch. Similarly, every customer is looking for something different from their sound system, so we don't try to supply a one-size-fits-all solution. Above are the main aftermarket car audio accessories that you need to consider, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect vehicle audio setup for your needs. Visit us at one of our three convenient locations in Metairie, LA; Gretna, LA; or Covington, LA.

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