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The Skinny on Wiring From the Top Experts on Car Audio in New Orleans

And How to Get Stress-Free Car Audio Installation Near You

Knowing which wire type is best for your car takes skill, because there are several types. It’s critical you select the right wire for the area of the vehicle you’re working on, because making the incorrect choice can lead to electrical failure and fires.

That’s why choosing the right wiring for your car audio system is essential to your amplifier, car speakers, and subs working in optimal condition. Take a look at all the kinds of wires it takes to install car audio correctly, and why you should look for car stereo installation near you, instead of doing it yourself.

Car Audio in New Orleans Starts With Car Speaker Wires

Car speaker wires may seem simple, but understanding the details that go into your listening experience is crucial with car speaker wiring. You need car audio wiring to transfer information between your head unit and your speakers, which means your audio system depends on professional car stereo installation.

Your Sound System Needs High-Quality Power Wiring

This wire is one of the most important choices in car audio installation, because it supplies power to your vehicle’s amplifier from your battery. If it doesn’t supply your amp with enough power, the voltage drop off causes your audio sound to distort and could even cause your amplifier to shut off. This is another reason you should always look for an expert in car audio near you.

Protect Your Car Audio System With the Correct Ground Wiring

You need ground wire to protect your amplifier from electrical overloads. It helps stabilize voltage levels and help direct electricity. Improper ground wiring is one of the biggest causes of amplifier issues. Installing a ground wire correctly takes specific skills and tools. For instance, you’ll need to create a grounding point by drilling into your chassis. One misstep, you could make an expensive mistake, which is why leaving your car audio installation to the professionals is always a good idea.

Quick Tip: Never use wire that’s meant for household applications in your vehicle, because they can’t withstand heat, vibration, or chemical exposure. Search for car audio installation near you, and seek the advice of an expert on the wiring for your vehicle.

Get Stress-Free Car Audio Installation When You Go to the Experts

Even though you operate your vehicle daily, it’s filled with components that can make or break performance. A poor job wiring your sound system will keep all of your electrical accessories from operating at full capacity.

That means all the money and time you spent on finding the perfect amp, subs, and speaker will go to waste. When you take your vehicle to a professional, you don’t have to worry about making a costly and dangerous mistake. Plus, you get stress-free car audio installation. Check out all the things you can leave to an expert technician:

  • Choosing wires made from the best materials

  • Choosing a matching amp and subs

  • Color-coding car audio wires

  • Finding the right wires

  • Getting the correct connectors

  • Installing overload protection

  • Making sure you have the correct wire gauge

  • Rounding up the appropriate tools

It doesn’t matter how new your vehicle is, working on the electrical system is a challenge. Simple mistakes can cost you a lot of money and time without your car. You need to choose the right wire for the environment it belongs in. When your car stereo installation is done by a professional, the wiring for your audio is protected and less likely to cause a short in your vehicle’s electrical system.

Quick Tip: You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an incredible car audio system. In fact, you don’t even have to purchase your entire system all at once. Talk to the closest experts in car stereos near you, and come up with a plan for installing your sound system piece by piece.

Where Can You Find the Best Car Audio in New Orleans?

At Mobile One Auto Sound, not only do we have the best car audio selection in New Orleans, we have the best technicians, too! When you get car stereo installation at Mobile One, we always install your car audio system correctly the first time.

That’s because our installers receive continuous training, so they know how to choose the right car stereo components for your vehicle, and we’re passionate about providing you with incredible service. We do a lot more than car stereo installation at Mobile One Auto Sound. Ask us how we can install window tinting, car remote start, and LED lighting in your vehicle.

To learn more about our car audio installation process or talk to us about our inventory, Contact us in Metairie at (504) 454-5104, Covington at (985) 809-0172, Gretna at (504) 366-1127, or send us a message online. We can’t wait to schedule your appointment for a new sound system!

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