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Tips to Keep Your Car Clean & Comfortable This Summer

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Getting into a hot car in the middle of summer is never fun. Sitting in a hot car with scorching car seats can make anyone want to avoid driving during the summer months. But summer is when you should be in your car the most - driving to fun vacation destinations, going to the park with your family, etc. There are tons of reasons to take a road trip during the summer, so avoiding your car due to warm weather shouldn’t be a concern.

Plenty of people avoid cleaning their cars out in the summer because they just can’t stand to be out in the heat, too. But you don’t have to suffer from the heat. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we’ve come up with a list of ways to help keep your car more comfortable in the middle of those hot summer months.

Seat covers

The simplest and most cost-effective way to cool your car down in the summer is to install car seat covers. If your car has leather seats then consider a cloth alternative. We all know how hot and uncomfortable leather can get when left sitting in a hot car. Switching to a cloth alternative instead will make a drastic difference and make jumping into a warm car that much more bearable.

Another advantage of using car seat covers, aside from the fact that you can control the material of your seats, is the ability to quickly and easily clean your seats. Spill some soda or ice cream on your seat? Don’t sweat it if you’ve got car seat covers! Most covers are machine washable and you can easily take them off, wash them, and replace them. You can’t go wrong installing seat covers in your car.

Remote start installation in Louisiana

Another effective way to make your car more enjoyable to get into during the hot summer months is to install a remote start on your vehicle. You may be surprised to learn how affordable a remote start installation is. You won’t be paying the hundreds of dollars you’d expect for a customized feature like this.

Remote start is extremely handy because it al