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Top Car Tune-Up Tips for Spring and Summer

Upgrade Your Vehicle with the Best Aftermarket Car Accessories in New Orleans

So, you’ve gotten your stimulus money, and now you’re wondering what to do with it.

We might be biased, but consider spending that money on upgrading your vehicle. It’s a solid investment that will repay itself many times over.

After coming through a long, hard year of sacrifice because of the pandemic, it’s finally looking like life will begin a return to some sense of normalcy.

With that in mind, you will probably spend more time in your vehicle this spring and summer, going to all the places and events you’ve missed over the past year.

After performing normal maintenance tasks, such as cleaning your battery terminals, topping off your engine coolant, checking your tires for wear, checking tire pressure, replacing wiper blades, and checking your engine’s hoses and belts, it may be time to look at upgrades for your vehicle to make your summer travel more enjoyable.

Vehicle upgrades

When thinking about car upgrades, consider the things that can make your car safer and more enjoyable for you and your family. Aftermarket car accessories can be affordably installed on your vehicle to achieve the safety and fun you’re looking for.

Mobile One Auto Sound is the premier source of auto accessory installation in Louisiana. Mobile One carries all the best auto accessory brands for a wide array of products, including entertainment systems, safety and security accessories, and appearance upgrades to make your car distinctive.

Innovations in products to make driving safer should be a priority. Accident-avoidance systems have become a must-have for driving.

Camera monitors for an unrestricted view behind you when backing up can let you know when it is safe and there are no obstacles.

Blind-spot cameras and monitors will give you the ability to avoid vehicles that may have entered what used to be a blind spot. You will always know what traffic is around you when you equip your vehicle with these cameras.

Remote start with integrated security systems allows you to start your car from a remote location so you can cool off on those hot summer days before you enter the vehicle.

A security system will keep your vehicle safe from theft and break-ins, protecting your accessories and upgrades.

An item that is often overlooked when thinking of safety accessories is custom window tinting. Window tinting will protect your vehicle interior and passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays while keeping outsiders from readily seeing into your vehicle.

Mobile One carries an array of products and familiar brands to provide your vehicle with the safety and security items you want. From Atrend to Escort, Cobra to Heise, we have you covered in terms of security systems, audio systems, and aftermarket accessories.

Vehicle entertainment systems

Mobile One specializes in car stereo and entertainment systems that make trips enjoyable for you and your family. Mobile One has all the top brands in stereo and speaker systems for your car and has the installation experts to perform an install that will look as good or better than a factory-installed system.

From a simple stereo system to a much more sophisticated system that includes Bluetooth technology, large screens with touch screen functions that can integrate with your cell phone and Wi-Fi products, and built-in navigation systems, Mobile One has products to suit your needs from all the manufacturers that you know and trust.

If you want to provide entertainment that will delight your family on those long drives, a rear-seat entertainment system will make you a proper hero. Your family will genuinely enjoy the upgraded receivers and larger video monitors that these systems provide, allowing your family to enjoy movies and video games while they ride.

Mobile One Auto Sound has professionals that can assist you in choosing the product that fits your exact needs at a price that you will find attractive. Mobile One has factory-trained installers who will make sure that your accessories are installed in an aesthetically pleasing way and make sure that the equipment is operating at peak performance levels.

Mobile One has been pleasing customers for over twenty-five years and has three convenient locations to serve you in Metairie, Gretna, and Covington, LA. Contact us today or drop by one of our locations to see us. We’re ready and waiting to help you turn your vehicle into the ride of your dreams.

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