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Turn Up the Heat This Summer With a Marine Audio Installation From Mobile One Auto Sound

Plus, Find Out 3 Easy DIY Upgrades to Make Your Boat Even Cooler for the Summer

It’s finally June, and that means summer waves and soaking up sun on your boat or personal watercraft. However, don’t you wish there was a way to crank up the fun and completely customize your boat?

There’s great news! The professionals at Mobile One Auto Sound are not only experts in car and motorcycle stereo systems, they’re experts in marine audio installation, too!

So if you’re ready to take your boat to the next level, we’ve put together a list of professional and DIY boat upgrades to make your summer the best one yet.

1. Professional: Upgrade Your Boat Audio With a New Head Unit

Having a high-quality head unit installed professionally on your boat gives you complete control over its audio system. However, you can’t choose any head unit for your watercraft, because it needs to withstand the intense vibrations coming from your boat’s engine and being completely exposed to elements like salt water, high-speed winds, and the UV rays of direct sunlight.

That’s why we only carry the best boat head units at our audio shops in New Orleans. For instance, Pioneer marine head units feature enhanced audio functions, a bright LCD display, and conformal coating for extra protection against the elements.

2. DYI: Add More Seating to Your Boat

Yes, you can add more seating to your boat without tearing up your boat, and it’s a lot easier than you think. For example, you can purchase a high-end cooler that quickly converts into comfortable seating - or you can make one yourself!

Just screw in snaps that secure a cushion to the lid of a heavy-duty cooler, and you’ve just gained extra seating for your boat in an instant. Plus, you have another space to store your favorite beverages while out on the water.

3. Professional: Complete Your Marine Audio Installation With Boat Speakers

Whether you’re looking to fish in peace and quiet or party with your friends and family, your boat could use a little mood music. Don’t just settle for a cheap portable speaker. Instead, head to the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound where we have durable, high-quality boat speakers that produce crystal-clear sound.

Boat speakers, like ones from Hertz or Rockford Fosgate, are manufactured with water-proof, element-resistant materials that let you listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks while breaking waves and tearing through the water at high speeds.

4. DIY: Add More Fishing Rod Holders

Can a boat have too many fishing rod holders? Of course not! While you leave the marine audio installation to the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans, try upgrading your boat with a quick DIY fishing rod holder installation. Just use clamp-on rail mounts or surface-mounts.

With clip-on mounts, all you’ll need is a wrench or Allen key. However, surface-mounts require three or four screws to be secured in place. So, make sure you have the proper tools for a quality DIY fishing rod holder installation.

5. Professional: Elevate the Ambience of Your Boat With Aftermarket LED Marine Lighting

Did you know you can install LED lighting on your boat that changes colors at your command? Once you’re done picking out your tunes, amp up the ambience with a brilliant display of custom marine lighting installed by Mobile One Auto Sound.

We recommend accent lighting by Metra Marine. This brand offers aftermarket lights for your boat that can stand up to elements like mud, wind, rain, and extreme heat, which means your boat will take center-stage all summer long.

6. DIY: Get a Rearview Mirror to Keep an Eye on Your Crew

If your friends and family enjoy water sports like skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding, then adding a rear-view mirror to your boat is an essential safety upgrade this summer. Not only can you find a rear-view mirror designed specifically for boats that’s easy to install, there are also several affordable options available, too.

Most people mount their rear-view mirrors on the windshield frame in just seconds with hand-screw clamps, but there are many other options to explore. The experts at Mobile One audio store near you have performed hundreds of boat audio installations, which means they’re very familiar with the layout of popular boats and watercraft.

Ask them where they recommend installing your rear-view mirror, and if they have any personal favorites they think would be perfect for your boat.

Find Top-Notch Marine Audio Installations and More at Mobile One Auto Sound

Are you ready to beat summer boredom on your boat? Then take it to the next level with upgrades like boat speakers, subwoofers, amps, and LED lighting. When you customize your boat or personal watercraft at Mobile One Auto Sound, the options are endless.

We have audio shops in New Orleans staffed with experts that are ready to perform marine audio installations, car audio installations, upgrades to your powersport vehicles, and so much more.

Just call our shop in Metairie at (504) 454-5104, our location in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our shop in Gretna at (504) 366-1127, or send us a message online, to learn more about our services at purchase options. We can’t wait to make your summer incredible with expert car, marine, and motorcycle upgrades!

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