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Understanding Car Speaker Sizes

Car Speakers are a Vital Part of Car Audio in New Orleans

Did you know that 6.5-inch car speakers aren't always 6.5 inches in diameter, and 6x9 speakers aren't always 6x9 inches? Car speakers are roughly split into approximate sizes, and it's up to you or your professional car audio installer in New Orleans to check that the speakers chosen will actually fit the dimensions of your vehicle.

There are a surprising number of car speaker sizes on offer today, and it's easy to confuse them and make the wrong purchase when you're perfecting an aftermarket car stereo installation.

In this article, we'll look at the various sizes of car speakers you can choose from so you get the best car audio setup imaginable.

Car speakers

4x6 car speakers

The smallest speaker size on our list (though smaller speakers certainly exist if you need them), 4x6 speakers are usually relatively inexpensive. But aftermarket 4x6 speakers will almost certainly offer better sound quality than stock speakers. 4x6 speakers won't drive incredible bass, but as long as you choose speakers with a wide frequency range they can still sound great.

5.25 car speakers

Typically found behind the seats or in back doors, 5.25-inch is the size of many stock speakers so aftermarket 5.25s are a simple way to upgrade your stock speakers. Mid-range and high-range frequencies can be crisp on 5.25 car speakers, but like 4x6 they lack impressive bass coverage.

5x7 car speakers

5x7 speakers are a little bigger than 5.25, so can be a little more powerful. 5x7 speakers are relatively rare, but their size means they can fit into a 6x8 slot comfortably and offer cleaner lows than 5.25 speakers. Aftermarket 5x7 speakers will be a big improvement in sound over factory-installed speakers, even if you aim at the lower end of the market.

6.5 car speakers

Finally, we reach one of the more popular aftermarket speaker sizes, the 6.5. 6.5-inch speakers are durable and versatile. Importantly, they can offer a wider frequency response than smaller car speakers. This translates into punchier bass. 6.5 speakers also have more power capacity, so if you have a good supporting amplifier 6.5 car speakers can be much louder than factory-installed speakers without introducing any distortion.

6x8 speakers

Another highly popular aftermarket speaker size is the 6x8. At Mobile One Auto Sound car audio in New Orleans, these are one of our most requested sizes of car speakers.

The soundscape with high-quality 6x8 speakers is excellent, and the size allows for wide frequency response. All in all, you'll get more depth and clarity to all the music you listen to in your car if you choose 6x8 aftermarket speakers for your car audio installation.

6x9 speakers

Slightly bigger than most car speakers, 6x9 speakers require you to measure to ensure they'll fit in your doors if you plan on installing them there. It's possible to get some pretty good bass in your vehicle with 6x9 speakers alone without a supporting subwoofer. Of course, a separate subwoofer will give you the best bass overall, but using 6x9 speakers alone is a budget option.

6x9 speakers also typically consume more power, so you’ll need a suitable amp to power them.

Other car speaker sizes

These are the most common speaker sizes, but there are many more options on the market from 3.5-inch speakers up to 8-inch speakers. It’s a careful balancing act to get speakers that accurately represent your music at a reasonable volume without distortion.

Car audio installation in New Orleans

If you live in Louisiana, when you search for 'car stereo installation near me' you'll undoubtedly come across Mobile One Auto Sound. With teams in Metairie, Covington, and Gretna, we've made a name for ourselves as one of the top car audio installers in the state.

Apart from the car speakers we've outlined above, we can also advise on amplifiers, car stereo/head units, digital processing, and subwoofers. We believe there's an art in creating the perfect car audio setup that perfectly complements the driver, passengers, and vehicle specifications.

We offer killer sound products from giants such as Rockford Fosgate, Focal, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Scosche, to name but a few. Everyone on our teams has been trained to a high standard so we can live up to the impressive reputation for which we're known.

If you simply need a replacement in-dash stereo, we'll install it the same business day or the installation will be free. You can even purchase your car audio system through our financing or lease-to-own system. Contact Mobile One Auto Sound today!

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