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What Are Tweeters and What Do They Do?

How These Small Car Speakers Make Big Sound

You’ve heard the term “tweeter” before, but what does it mean for car stereos? Tweeters are an important component of your audio system. If you’ve always wondered what tweeter speakers are for, read this fast guide on how they work and where to get quality car speakers to hear your favorite tunes in full detail.

Let’s Get to It - What Is Tweeter Audio?

Though small, tweeters in your vehicle are mighty. They’re specialized speakers that produce vibrant treble, so you can hear your audio system in full-range. With the quality tweeters installed in your vehicle, you’ll notice every detail in your favorite music and amp up your car stereo performance.

Tweeters are designed to reproduce frequencies in the upper limit of the human hearing range, which is about around 5 to 20 kHz. They provide an extended range of sound intended for audiophiles, and are essential for creating ambient sound in your vehicle.

Tweeters are essential for hearing the voices in audiobooks, podcasts, and music clearly and accurately. However, they work in conjunction with all the other speakers in your automobile. So, you still need to invest in an excellent set of subwoofers to hear every part of what you’re listening to while you drive.

So, How Do Tweeter Speakers Work?

Tweeters make the upper range of sounds - think chimes, electric guitars notes, female voices, any synthetic keyboard sounds. Without a good set of tweeters, the audio system in your car would produce bland, undetailed music, which can make you feel like your favorite tunes are worth listening to on your daily commute.

High-frequency sounds are directional, which means the location of your tweeters is vital to your listening experience. Even the best tweeter will fall flat, if it’s put in the wrong place. Always get to an expert technician when you’re ready to upgrade your car stereo.

What Are the Parts of a Tweeter Speaker?

Tweeters are made with various materials. The lowest quality tweeters are made with synthetic materials, which may weaken the sound they produce. Metal is the best material for tweeter audio, because it can overpower the sound of a loud road or noisy city traffic.

The process for producing high-quality sound is complicated, but here’s a quick overview of how you hear the sound coming out of your tweeters:

  • The amplifier, the component that provides electricity to your sound system, produces an audio signal

  • This signal is then sent to your tweeters through positive and negative wire connections

  • The connections touch a voice coil, which creates a magnetic field

  • The voice coil and other tweeter parts rapidly move forward and backward, which also rapidly moves air around.

  • The result is a high-frequency sound that human ears can detect

How Many Tweeters Can I Install in My Vehicle?

There isn’t a limit to how many tweeters you can have in your car. The only thing you need to be concerned about is how you’re going to power your tweeter speakers. When you can’t provide enough electricity to your car speakers, they can’t work optimally. The best way to install your tweeters correctly is by taking your vehicle to an expert.

Give It to Me Straight - Do I Really Need Tweeters in for Car Speakers?

Technically, you don’t need tweeters for car speakers. Woofers and subwoofers can make enough sound that you’ll be able to hear most of your favorite music and podcasts. However, you simply won’t enjoy what you’re listening to, because you can’t hear the complex combinations of different frequencies, sounds, and tones that are important to your listening experience.

The Takeaway: If you’re an audiophile who truly appreciates beautiful melodies, dramatic storytelling, sensational sound effects, and sweet guitar licks, you need to have a high-quality set of Tweeters in your vehicle.

How Can I Find the Right Tweeters for My Car?

Drivers often underestimate how important their sound system is in their vehicles, which is why many people don’t know how important tweeters are to a