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What Does the Chip Shortage Have to Do With Car Audio in New Orleans?

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Next Car Stereo Upgrade With Mobile One Auto Sound

“The chip shortage.” This phrase is plastered all over media pages and on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what exactly is it - and how does it affect car audio near you?

It all starts with the small, but very mighty, semiconductor. Take a thorough analysis into the chip shortage with the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound, and find out why you shouldn’t wait for your next audio upgrade.

What Is a Semiconductor and What Does It Have to Do With Car Audio in New Orleans?

A semiconductor, which takes the physical form of a computer chip, is a pillar of the IT industry, and it is essential for giving our cars the connectivity we rely on to play music, make phone calls, and even heat our seats. It has properties that act as both a conductor (something that conducts electricity), and an insulator (something that does not conduct electricity).

A semiconductor’s primary task is to control the amount of electrical current racing through your car. For instance, a semiconductor can pass current more easily in one direction than the other, control your vehicle’s sensitivity to light and heat, and adjust electrical resistance in certain functions.

When it comes to car audio, semiconductors handle properties like switching the amount of amplification to your subwoofers and tweeters, and conducting the appropriate amount of power to your infotainment center.

Why Is There a Chip Shortage in America?

For more than a year, the chip shortage has been plaguing all parts of the auto industry. From car speakers to electric vehicle batteries, everything has been affected. It’s even caused notable car manufacturers, like BMW, to forgo touchscreen infotainment centers in their newer models.

When the pandemic spread, car sales plummeted. This caused automakers to cut back on future chip orders, because they expected the slump in sales would last for an extended period of time.

However, car sales bounced back much quicker than many experts expected. Unfortunately, the tech industry boomed as COVID-19 sent workers across the country home with electronics that required a vast amount of semiconductors.

This not only caused a disruption in the supply chain for chips, it paved the way for inflation on necessary items like car stereos, computers, audio equipment, cell phones, and much more.

It’s Not Just the Chip Shortage

The chip shortage is just one part of the supply chain issues when it comes to electronics and car audio installation. Materials needed to produce high-quality electronics for businesses, households, and automobiles are getting harder and harder to find, and there is little relief in sight.

For example, titanium oxide, which is used in the coating of automotive and marine glass and metal, is difficult for many manufacturers to get a hold of, which has led to paint manufacturers struggling to keep up with the demands of the automotive industry.

Why You Shouldn’t Press Pause on Your Car Audio Installation

The shortage of chips and other automotive materials will not let up soon. In fact, things like car stereo installations, marine audio upgrades, and infotainment installations are only going to get more expensive as the shortage continues.

So if you really want to upgrade your automobile with a new car stereo or other aftermarket accessories without bending your budget too far, then right now is the best time to schedule an appointment with Mobile One Auto Sound.

Don’t Drain Your Saving Account to Purchase a Car Audio Installation Near You

You don’t have to pinch pennies or max out your credit cards to get incredible upgrades for your vehicle at Mobile One Auto Sound. You can choose from one of our purchase options instead:


Schedule your car stereo installation today and pay for it with Acima! The no-hassle, no-credit check way to finance all your vehicle upgrades. This option is perfect for those who have zero or poor credit.

To apply for Acima You Must:

  • Be 18-years of age or older

  • Have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN

  • Have an active checking account with a routing and account number

  • Have a credit or debit card

BrandSource Credit Card

The BrandSource credit card is through CitiBank, and allows you to purchase your car audio installations and accessories now, and pay them off later. It offers flexible payment plans to spread your payments out over time, plus promotional offers throughout the year.

However, the BrandSource credit card requires a third-party approval, and a credit check. You can find out more about BrandSource by checking their website or contacting our team at Mobile One.

Don’t Wait For New Car Audio in New Orleans - Get to Mobile One Auto Sound Today!

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we have the car audio upgrades you really want. From the best car speakers to top-quality infotainment centers, you can find everything you need to customize your ride at an affordable price.

But we can’t promise these prices and our inventory will stick around for long, so make sure you schedule an appointment for your upgrade as soon as possible by calling our shop in Metairie at (504) 454-5104, our location in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our shop in Gretna at (504) 366-1127, or sending us a message online.

Make sure you ask about how you can tear up the trail this summer with upgrades to your ATV or UTV with complete audio packages and aftermarket LED lighting.

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