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What is a Floating Face Car Radio?

Product Spotlight From Your Car Stereo Installation Experts

Modern technology is dominated by screens. We expect all our everyday devices to have responsive screens to interact with. In recent years, these screens have grown and become more functional.

This is no different in auto accessories. We’re starting to see these trends creep in and affect the technology in our cars.

The newest trend we’re seeing is in the screen size of the car radio, so let your car audio experts in New Orleans introduce you to Floating Face car radios - the largest in the industry.

Should Your Next Car Stereo Installation Be a Floating Face Car Radio?

You may be driving next to a newer car and see a huge screen in the middle of the dashboard between the front seats. No, that’s not a tablet. Today’s car radios and infotainment systems are outfitted with huge screens that make it easier to select sources, play media, navigate, and more while driving.

Gone are the days of static displays with nothing but a digital clock and a volume level indicator. Drivers love touchscreen car radios when they’re oversized, high resolution, and responsive. These infotainment systems also come with useful features, like:

  • Camera inputs

  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto enabled

  • Multiple EQ settings

  • Satellite radio capability

If you’ve been needing a better solution to your car radio for visual, utility, or safety purposes, you’ve found the perfect upgrade option.

Will A Floating Car Radio Work In Your Car?

The oversized and “floating” nature of these car radios makes it imperative to assess the layout of your dash. Take notice of the position of vents, buttons, knobs, and all other controls that could potentially be blocked or covered with your new system.

Because every car has a different dash setup, make sure the car radio you decide to have installed has adjustability options. Many of these oversized screens offer options to adjust angle, depth, and height before installation is final. When you invest in a new car stereo installation, you deserve to have the perfect fit and placement. Experts at Mobile One Auto Sound can help you find the right floating face car radio to fit your vehicle from top brands.

Who Should You Work With On Your Car Stereo Installation?

When you’ve decided on car stereo installation, it is very important to assess the installer and make an informed decision. You want to pick the best option for you from a service perspective, while also working with a provider that will be upfront, honest, and clear about what to expect from the process. After all, nobody likes surprises when it comes to car stereo installation.

Some things to understand before getting started with a car radio service provider include:

  • Warranty/Guarantee - Be sure that the car stereo installation is backed by a guarantee or warranty that covers workmanship and the products and equipment. Obtain this in writing before allowing the work to start. With so many parts of your vehicle needing to be worked around to perform your car stereo installation it is smart