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Where to Start When Creating the Best Sound for Your Car

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

All the Elements of a Top Aftermarket Audio System in Louisiana

Imagine this situation: you’ve finally purchased your dream vehicle, driven it off the lot, and shown it off to your friends, only to realize that the high-prized sound system in your brand-new luxury vehicle is not what you had hoped for. And only now do you recognize that neither during the test drive nor the stage when you devoured all vehicle literature and YouTube videos did you concentrate on what for many vehicle owners is one of the most important aspects next to the vehicle’s technical performance—the car audio system.

Most luxury brand manufacturers boast that their sound systems are perfectly integrated and represent the best value in terms of technology and auditory experience. But a true audiophile knows that manufacturer solutions are second best to top-quality aftermarket stereo systems from specialized companies like Kenwood, Pioneer, JL Audio, and Rockford Fosgate.

After talking with your friends about a solution to this conundrum, you decide to do the right thing. You turn to specialists in the aftermarket car stereo and car stereo installation business to overcome this handicap that prevents you from real enjoyment of your fabulous new vehicle. You consult with your friends and discern the best possible audio technology provider that does not only have your perfect system in stock but will handle an expert install of the aftermarket car audio system you decide on. It has expert industry-licensed technicians who are experts regarding all technical aspects of your new system. After serious research, you finally land at our doorstep, the car audio experts at Mobile One Auto Sound.

Mobile One Auto Sound—the Masters of Your Aftermarket Audio System

You step into our showroom and are immediately immersed in the type of sound that you want from your system. You quickly realize as the showroom experts direct you to the best car audio accessories and systems you have always admired, like the JL Audio speakers, subwoofers, and the VX700 5I Class D System Amplifier, the Kenwood eXcelon Reference DMX1057XR, or the Pioneer DMH-WT 8600 NEX.

Our system experts will only introduce you to a variety of car audio component systems after having gone through a dedicated process that identifies all of the things that are important to you, because that process will define the specially tailored solution for you and your car audio needs. This process starts with an audit of what system you currently have in your vehicle and what is lacking in your mind in your auditory experience.

What are the Typical System Components of a Top-Quality Aftermarket Audio System?

Following is a listing and explanation of the type of components that make up a top-quality car stereo system:

  • Head Units and Receivers—the electronic central processing unit of your system and the most important base component to deliver the sound experience you are looking for.

  • Amplifiers—this is the creator of your car stereo system’s output power and responsible for the extra boost of your audio experience.

  • Car Stereo Speakers—great speakers extend the electronic and digital components that enable the perfect balanced sound experience.

  • Tweeters—these create that crisp high-end sound that many define as liveliness.

  • Subwoofers—this is where the low-end bass sound and oomph of your system emerge from—a truly enhanced system needs to incorporate one or more subwoofers.

Give Special Attention to Your System’s Stereo Head Unit and Receiver

One more word about one of the most vital components of your car audio—the stereo head unit.

The original factory unit that comes in your audio system when you purchase your vehicle rarely has more than a 50- or 60-Watt output as the factory system does not include any pre-amplifier outputs that make it possible to use external amplifiers to boost the Watt rating of your system. Hence, you want to exchange the factory in-dash unit with a new dedicated system that is perfectly attuned to the other components in your new audio system. In-dash head units come in all kinds of designs and sizes, most of them incorporating LCD monitors for video playback and perfect GPS navigation.

Given this list of what comprises a perfect car audio system, you can already notice that the original manufacturer’s audio system falls short as many of the components listed here are missing, which accounts for the shallow sound in most standard vehicles.

Safe In-Car Audio Installations

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we pride ourselves on our dedication to this process and our long-standing experience with the industry’s evolving audio systems that are now largely driven by our cell phones as audio sources rather than cassettes or CDs in previous decades. This technological advance is one of the main reasons you should consult a technology expert when it comes to the installation of these systems, as the do-it-yourself approach can yield some very nasty surprises. Modern electronics work in concert with your vehicle’s central decision system, the Controller Area Network (SAN). Any mistakes here, and not only will your car stereo not work properly, but other electronic car components may have unwittingly been permanently disconnected or disabled without your knowledge.

So, as you see, placing your vehicle into the capable hands of the audio experts at Mobile One Auto Sound will yield superior results when you consider adding the best car audio accessories the audio industry offers. Visit us today at our Metairie, Covington, or Gretna location to start building the car audio system of your dreams.

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