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Why Hiring an Installation Pro is the Way to Go

Finding an Expert for Car Stereo Installation in Louisiana

Car audio installation can go one of two ways; the easy way or the hard way. For those of us who are familiar with wiring, installation, wattage, voltage, and amps, it can be an easy installation from start to finish if you follow the standard logic of hooking up wire A to B and ensure you have a nice clean circuit from your power source to your speakers. The proper tools are essential to complete this task as efficiently as possible, too.

If you struggle with these concepts, by far the easiest method to get your speakers jumping and bass pumping is to have them professionally installed. Installing aftermarket car accessories is no easy feat for those of us without knowledge of circuitry or when we lack the tools needed to perform this task.

Hence, hiring pros such as the team at Mobile One Auto Sound can put your mind at ease and ensure you have the sound quality you desire when you get your ride on the road.

Installing car audio is no simple task

Ever taken off the front dashboard of your car to install the latest and best car audio brands deck? What about the side panels in the door to fit the wiring for the hot new set of speakers you just picked up? What about bolting your sub to the trunk so that it's not sliding around every corner you take? Installing car audio takes not only the right parts for the latest and best-sounding systems but the right tools to ensure you don't have a mess of wires, connectors, or nuts and bolts sticking out.

Getting your car audio installation right

Removing your front dashboard can be a pain, especially for some Japanese models where the front dash is a single piece. Making sure you have the right tools to get to those screws and lifting off the dashboard takes some expert knowledge of the kind of vehicle you are working on.

You are going to have a tough time sending a wire from the front of your car (battery) to the rear trunk (subwoofer) if you don't have the right tools to access those side panels on your door and be able to run those wires into those areas.

Having your new car audio installation blasting your favorite tunes is only half the battle; you are going to want it looking clean and professional with nothing sticking out or visible to the eye.

A reputable business such as the car stereo installation Louisiana team at Mobile One Auto Sound possesses those tools and knowledge, regardless of the make and model you choose.

Keep your sub snug and safe

You require boxes to house your new subwoofer purchase and those boxes can be tailor-made to suit not only the sub itself but to fit nice and snug in your trunk.

A proper wiring job of the best car audio brands will ensure that power from the battery gets to the amplifier and from that point can disperse the necessary power to the subwoofer for those sweet bassline vibrations. But that only works if the wiring is done correctly and the sub is bolted down to the floor of the trunk.

You don't need your new purchase slipping and sliding around with each corner. Making sure it fits snugly into the trunk and fastened to the floor ensures that you can drive as you normally do without worrying about damaging any of your new sound accessories.

Ready to ride with Mobile One Auto Sound

The installation of a great new sound system can increase the value of your vehicle, but only if it’s performed correctly. A poor installation will turn away potential buyers if you decide to sell your car in the future.

Mobile One Auto Sound has the expertise to ensure that the final product is how you envision it; a hot new sound system that has heads turning while looking sleek and professional. Keep the music pumping in your ride with a stress-free experience where you can rest assured that our team of car stereo installation experts has your best interest at heart. We care about your ride as much as you do and will take further steps to ensure your satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Installing aftermarket car accessories can be a daunting task. The team here at Mobile One Auto Sound has the skills, tools, expertise, and customer service to keep you riding high with your hot new car audio installation. Contact us today or stop by one of our three convenient locations in Metairie, LA; Gretna, LA; and Covington, LA to get started with installing aftermarket car accessories.

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