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Why Installing Motorcycle Speakers is Worth the Investment

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Creating the Best Ride With Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories in New Orleans

For many riders, customizing their motorcycle is all part of the fun. Your ride is uniquely yours, so it should reflect your personality, riding style, and preferences. Performance modifications might come first, or some visual flair to make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Adding tech features can bring some modern convenience to your rides, and additional storage can help you stay on the road for longer and more enjoyable trips.

Motorcycle speakers aren’t usually the first upgrade you consider, but they’re a great addition to larger motorbikes. You have multiple motorcycle audio options to choose from, such as in-helmet speaker systems and two-way audio. These can be great if you have a passenger you want to chat with. Speakers for your motorcycle are a more public option, as everyone around will be able to share and enjoy your music.

Motorcycle Speakers Are Great for Long Trips

Getting out on the open road is one of the joys of motorcycling, but there are some stretches of highway in the US that, apart from the views, are straight and tedious to ride. Without exciting twisties to spice up your drive, they can be monotonous, especially if they’re long trips you need to make time and again.

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the crowds and just soak in the sounds of nature and your bike’s purring engine. Other times, these long stretches of solitude are the perfect time to blast out some of your favorite tunes. There’s no-one else around, there are no other distractions, so it’s a safe place to crank up the music from the best motorcycle speakers you can buy and just go wild. Feeling in a more chill mood? You can play more relaxed music to complement and enhance it.

Your Portable Outdoor Audio System

Even when you’re not riding your motorcycle, you can use your aftermarket motorcycle accessories to spice up your daily routine. You could be doing some yard work, for example. Park your bike nearby and play music to keep you entertained. Heading to a barbeque or picnic? Your motorcycle audio system can be the perfect accompaniment. Even if you’re helping friends move or just waiting for a carwash, your audio system comes with you everywhere.

Bump Up Your Bike’s Resale Value

There’s no doubt that the money you spend on an aftermarket motorcycle speaker system can be recouped when it comes time to sell your vehicle. When viewing your bike for sale, buyers are often wowed by the speakers that give your bike a unique selling point. They’re more than willing to pay a bit more for your bike because they can imagine themselves riding it while listening to their favorite music. Just ensure that your aftermarket motorcycle accessories are installed by professionals so that the additions you make are of the highest quality.

When buyers see that you’ve put the time and effort into professionally installing high-quality aftermarket speakers, they’ll be convinced how much you’ve cared for and looked after your motorcycle over the years. This, ultimately, results in higher resale value.

Integration with Great Technology

Another reason to consider motorcycle speaker installation is how you’ll be able to pair your speakers with your other gadgets, extending their functionality. As most modern motorcycle speakers support Bluetooth, you can stream any audio you wish from your mobile devices through your motorcycle speakers. This could be music, podcasts, or even audio from YouTube videos you’re watching in your downtime.

Another great use of this feature is for GPS. Instead of having to stop every few minutes to look at your smartphone map when you want directions to a destination, you can stream GPS instructions to your motorcycle speakers. Every time there’s a turn you need to make coming up, you’ll be informed in a timely manner without having to take your eyes off the road.

A Show-Ready Motorcycle

If you like to join motorcycle rallies, parades, or competitions, then an aftermarket motorcycle speaker system is almost a requirement. For competitions, judges rate bikes more highly when they have an audio system. Even if you don’t plan on entering your vehicle into a competition, an aftermarket audio system is just a great addition to a motorcycle that impresses motorcycle aficionados and laypeople alike. Not everyone will be impressed by your state-of-the-art gearbox modifications, but even people who don’t understand a thing about motorcycles can get excited about a motorcycle audio system with top-of-the-line motorcycle speakers.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessory Installation in New Orleans

If you’re ready to take your motorcycle to the next level and create a truly custom ride, look no further than Mobile One Auto Sound. We carry the best motorcycle speakers and aftermarket motorcycle accessories in the New Orleans area; plus, we’re a Rockford Fosgate dealer, which means we have a wide selection of Harley-Davidson complete sound solutions. From product selection to installation, our team of experts will ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. Give us a call or stop by one of our three convenient locations: Mobile One Auto Sound in Metairie, Mobile One Auto Sound in Gretna, and Mobile One Auto Sound in Covington.

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