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You Don't Want to Get Caught Breaking This New Orleans Window Tinting Law. Here's Why.

Choose professional window tinting installation

Car window tinting is a fantastic way to improve how it feels to drive your vehicle. First, window tinting keeps your car cool when it’s parked in the sun for long periods. Second, it reduces the glare of the sun when you’re driving, and saves you from dangerous situations where other drivers have forgotten to lower their high beams. And winding tinting for your car gives you a higher level of privacy when you’re stopped at a red light.

It’s important to know that car window tinting in New Orleans is covered by a number of laws. New Orleans window tinting is governed by the Louisiana window tinting law structure that has been in place since 1993. It’s there to make sure that drivers who install window tint are still able to drive safely and be able to see the road in front of them and around them clearly.

Louisiana window tinting laws

Louisiana window tinting laws have specifications on how much visual light transmission (VLT) gets through your vehicle’s windows. While window tinting is perfectly legal, you need to make sure you’re not getting tints that are too dark because this is considered dangerous. There are sometimes different rules for sedan vehicles, SUVs, and vans.

Window tint darkness

First, let’s look at the darkness of tint. Non-reflective tint is allowed only above the AS-1 line. This is a spot you’ll find on the windshield with AS-1 stated on it. Otherwise, non-reflective tint is allowed only on the top five inches of the windshield.

For all vehicles, the tint on your front side windows must not block more than 60% of the light.

For sedans, the back side windows can block up to 75% of the light and up to 88% of the light can be blocked from rear windows. SUVs and vans can use any darkness of tint on their back side and rear windows.

Window tint reflection

There are also rules regarding how much reflection a window tint can have on a vehicle in Louisiana. For all vehicles and all windows, the tint must not be more than 20% reflective.

Other regulations

In Louisiana, there’s no restriction on tints added to side mirrors. Colors red and amber are not allowed on any tint, and the films used must be certified. A sticker that shows the vehicle has been legally tinted must be pasted between the film and the glass on the driver’s side window. There are no medical exemptions for special tinting in Louisiana.

Fines and penalties for illegal window tinting in Louisiana

If you’re found by police to have window tinting that doesn’t follow the above regulations, you’ll need to remove the window tint at your expense. Removing window tinting is a difficult and time-consuming process that needs to be performed by a professional.

You’ll also need to pay a fine. In Louisiana, the fine for a first offense is $150. It rises to $250 for a second offense and $350 for each subsequent offense. This could be particularly costly if you’ve tinted multiple vehicles.

You need professional New Orleans car window tinting installation

As you can see, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to car window tinting laws in Louisiana. Every window and type of vehicle has its own rules you need to follow. Mobile One Auto Sound offers professional window tint installation, besides remote start installation, car audio installs, dash cams, and aftermarket driver assistance systems.

We typically advise against DIY window tinting because it's a difficult process that needs to be done in a controlled environment. Your window tint won’t last long if you allow dirt or dust to get under the window tint, for example. Bubbles and cracks can appear quickly when window tint hasn’t been installed right.

It’s also quite easy to fall foul of the law if you perform window tinting yourself. It’s easy to get a window tint that’s not up to Louisiana code, and this can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake to make.

Because we are a pro window tint installation company operating in New Orleans, we understand all the specifics of the Louisiana window tinting laws. Not only do you get a fantastic window tint installation that will last many years, but you can also be confident that your window tint conforms to all local laws when you get your car’s windows tinted by Mobile One Auto Sound.

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