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You'll Be Surprised to Know Why Rockford Fosgate is Our Most Popular Car Audio Brand

It's the innovation that drives us

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we know car audio. One of our most requested brands is Rockford Fosgate—and for good reason. When performing a car audio installation in New Orleans, we often recommend Rockford Fosgate for its outstanding quality.

Rockford Fosgate has been at the forefront of the automotive audio revolution from the beginning. It’s still pushing the boundaries in audio innovation, design, and engineering, providing a passionate experience via in-vehicle sound like no other.

Rockford Fosgate is a company that is focused on the future. In the audio realm, it uses the most cutting-edge technologies. Its whole product range is developed and engineered in Tempe, Arizona.

It's not only about technology at Rockford Fosgate. It's all about bringing human experiences to life via music.

Punching above its weight

Jim Fosgate found in 1973 that the human ear has a different acoustic response from full-frequency audio, which causes music to sound different at low levels. The Frequency Energizer, later known as Fosgate's trademarked Punch EQ, was developed as a solution.

Rockford Fosgate develops audio systems that take the environment into account. This is why when you listen to a Rockford Fosgate sound system inside a vehicle, it’s difficult to go back to something less precise and punchy.

Rockford Fosgate's trademark sound has always been its punch, and it can be heard throughout their whole product line that includes automotive speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and signal processors, as well as equipment for marine, motorsports, and motorcycles. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we can install it all for you.

In terms of innovation, design, and technology, the business has risen to the top of the industry. Mr. Fosgate recently won an Emmy award for advancements in surround-sound technology, demonstrating that the company's tagline "Where Music Meets Technology" still holds true today.

Rockford Fosgate subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate offers the right combination of power handling and pricing points for you. It just depends on how much bass you need. Let's take a look at its subs from the Prime, Punch, and Power series. These can deliver the deep, resonant bass sound you really want from a car audio installation.

Prime Series

The Prime Series subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate provide excellent sound in a budget-friendly design. The mica-reinforced polypropylene cones have a mix of great sound and durability that is surprising considering their unexpectedly low price, making Rockford Fosgate’s designs accessible to everyone.

Punch Series

The Punch Series subwoofers are intended to bring the advantages of Fosgate's high-end designs, such as anodized aluminum voice coil formers and Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) surround technology, to their midrange subwoofers. The Kevlar paper cones provide the perfect combination of melodic warmth and durability, allowing you to keep the bottom end sounding full.

Power Series

The Power Series subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate are incredible, with RMS power handling ranging from 500 to 2500 watts. Injection-molded foam surrounds with Fosgate's patented VAST design enhance effective cone area. Huge cast metal baskets keep all that power concentrated in the right direction.

To get the most power out of your amplifier, most Power Series subs enable you to connect your system for one-ohm impedance. With the Power Series, you've got a set of subs that are built to make an impression.

Shallow-mount subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate

The shallow-mount Power Series subwoofers incorporate the series' VAST surround design, unique cone composition, and strong cast aluminum basket into a small package. They provide the same high-quality performance as the regular subwoofers while taking up less room.

The Punch Stage 3 Series shallow subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate carry over the Punch subwoofer technology, delivering the advantages of its design improvements to smaller cars. The same VAST surround design, mica-injected cones, and high-tech aluminum are all included, delivering a huge sound in a smaller space.

Its shallow-mount Prime R2 Series subs use the same stiff mica-injected polypropylene cone and strong steel frame as their standard-sized Prime subs, providing excellent bass at an affordable price.

Rockford Fosgate car audio installation near me

If you’re looking for an audio store near me and you’re in the New Orleans area, Mobile One Auto Sound is an authorized dealer and installer of Rockford Fosgate car audio. As you can see, we particularly like Rockford Fosgate for its powerful subwoofers and outstanding car speakers.

For the ultimate car stereo, choosing Rockford Fosgate is a smart choice, and we’ll be more than happy to take you through the best options for your vehicle so you can get the absolute best car audio installation for your vehicle, budget, and personal taste.

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