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Your ATV Sound System: Go Premium or Stay Home

Head to the Professionals at Mobile One Auto Sound to Customize Your ATV

When you’re looking for an ATV sound system that can stand up to the noise of tearing through trails, then you can’t just order the first set of ATV speakers you find on the internet. If you want to hear your favorite tunes in premium quality, you’ve got to go to the experts.

So what are your options to upgrade your ATV’s sound system, and which speakers are the best? The professional installers at Mobile One Auto Sound have the answer to all your questions and more.

Do They Really Make Speakers for ATVs?

Absolutely, but you can’t put any old speakers on your ATV. They need to be powerful enough to project sound loud enough so that you and your passengers can hear every note. Otherwise, you’re just making extra noise.

What Should I Look for When I Want to Upgrade My ATV Sound System?

Obviously you want a tough system that can take on the elements, but there are other features that are essential for a supreme listening-experience on your ATV.


You should always get an ATV sound system that works with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Fewer wires means less clutter on your vehicle.


A lightweight ATV sound system is essential to your vehicle’s performance. If your system is too heavy, it will affect your speed and balance. Be sure to have one an expert at Mobile One install your system, to ensure you’ll be able to safely drive your ATV, and listen to the latest hits at the same time.

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we recommend Rockford Fosgate. They’ve been designing off-road sound systems for more than 35 years, and have ATV speakers that deliver high-performance with incredible durability.

How Can I Take My ATV Sound System to the Next Level?

You could install a simple set of ATV speakers and subs, and be done with your sound system - or you could outfit your off-road vehicle with a customized ATV system that has everything you need to turn heads, and light the trail on fire. Check out these aftermarket auto accessories for your ATV to really take it to the next level.

ATV Soundbars

The hottest trend in ATVs is theater-grade sound. Make your ATV sound system a showstopper with an ATV soundbar, the experts at Mobile One can install one on your handlebars or rollbars. Wherever you put your ATV soundbar, you can expect sensational sound and rugged durability.


Are you an adventurer that really likes to take your ride way off-road? Then you should install an ATV GPS system. Top-of-the-line GPS systems for ATVs can display 3D and topographic maps to help you blaze the trail more confidently.

ATV Radio System

No, not an FM radio. If your ATV is used for work, a powerful and reliable walkie-talkie is essential for communication. They’re also pretty handy for hunting and fishing trips, when texting just isn’t an option.

Metra Powersports products are built to withstand the most rugged conditions in an off-road environment. They are tested and proven to deliver both performance and value, so you can customize your ATV just the way you want.

Mobile One Auto Sound has several purchase options for your new ATV sound system. Talk to a member of our team about Acima, the no credit-needed finance solution to your audio upgrades!

Do I Really Need an Expert to Install My ATV Sound System?

While you can find some very interesting how-to videos on installing ATV sound systems on the internet, it doesn’t mean you’ll actually be successful. As with any electrical system, there are ample wiring challenges that need an expert’s touch.

A DIY ATV sound system installation could lead to an expensive mistake and leave you without an ATV until you fix it. When you get your ATV sound system and aftermarket accessories installed by a professional, you can be sure your installs are done right the first time.

Tune In and Trailblaze With a New ATV Sound System From Mobile One

Summers will never be the same when you upgrade your ATV with a sound system and other aftermarket auto accessories from Mobile One. Our experts have what it takes to quickly customize your ATV with precision, so you can hit the trail before the weather really starts to heat up.

From remote starts for your SUV to ATV sound systems, Mobile One Auto Sound has your summer covered! To learn more about how we can customize your off-road vehicle or talk to a team member about financing your installation, call our shop in Metairie at (504) 888-4922, our shop in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our Gretna location at (504) 366-1127, or contact us online.

We also specialize in car stereo installation! As a member of our team about upgrading your daily commute with a new set of car speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers.

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