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To Tint or Not To Tint: 4 Top-Notch Window Tinting Options For Your Car

Finding the Best Car Window Tint Option

Beyond high-end car audio systems, Mobile One Auto Sound offers a range of upgrades for your vehicle that can make it rival a top 2021 model. From a remote start for your car to driver assistance systems, you can trick out your vehicle at very low cost.

One of the services we offer is window tint installation. Window tinting for your car is an inexpensive way to add some style, but it has many other benefits, too. Have you ever gotten into your vehicle after it’s been sitting in the sun? It’s hot and uncomfortable. With window tinting, almost all of the heat of the sun is mitigated so your car remains cool.

Window tinting is also good for your skin because it virtually eliminates the UV rays that come in through the windshield. Some window tints also block IR rays.

Another benefit of window tinting is for safety. How many times have you been driving and become blinded for a moment because of the glare of the sun? What about when other drivers forget to switch off their high-beams or fog lights? Window tinting solves this problem so you can concentrate on the road at all times.

Window tinting acts as a security measure, too. Your car is less likely to be broken into when no one can see what’s in it. And were the glass to smash, perhaps due to an accident, window tinting is a thin but strong film that works to keep the glass from shattering, potentially reducing passenger injury.

At Mobile One Auto Sound, our preferred manufacturer of window film is LLumar. We believe LLumar window tints make for the ultimate window tinting, especially as they come in a number of options. From infrared rejection tint to clear window tint, LLumar offers everything you could want in a window tinting solution at a fantastic price.

Here, we outline four of the most-requested LLumar window tints that we install here at Mobile One Auto Sound, so you can decide which is the best option for you.

Infrared rejection tint

Llumar infrared rejection tint (IRX) is the top-of-the-line product from the brand with the best features overall. IRX is ceramic based, so it has all the benefits of standard ceramic window tint. Namely, it offers the highest level of heat rejection, 99% UV ray reduction, customizable style, and reduction in fading. Because there’s no metal in IRX window tint, it doesn’t affect how your phones, tablets, and other gadgets work.

On top of UV rays, infrared rejection tint blocks IR rays. The tint is scratch resistant and keeps your window glass more intact in the event of an accident.

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is one of the most popular options because it has many benefits. It's available in a wide range of charcoal shades so you can perfectly create the style you want. It has excellent heat reduction, glare reduction, and UV ray reduction. Most importantly, ceramic window tint doesn’t include any metal so it doesn’t interfere with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi signals in your car.

In general, we consider ceramic window tint to be the best mix of features and affordability, particularly as it doesn’t affect your in-car devices at all.

Metallized window tint

Metallized window tint from LLumar is an inexpensive option that comes in a wide range of charcoal shades. You might want to choose metallized window tint if you’re looking for the best heat and UV rejection, as metallized window tint is great at reducing the heat and UV rays in the cabin. However, it is known to affect 4G signals, so if you use your phone in the car a lot, take this into consideration.

Dyed window tint

Dyed window tint is the choice from LLumar if you value privacy the most. Dyed window tint offers outstanding privacy with lots of style. You get good heat rejection, outstanding UV rejection, and good connectivity from your gadgets. There’s a lot of choices here for giving your vehicle a little bit more personality.

LLumar dyed window tint is a mixture of UV blockers, premium dye, and polyethylene, which is a step up from other brands that only apply the dye to the surface, lowering durability.

At the other end of the color spectrum is LLumar clear window tint, which includes 99% UV protection and scratch protection without altering the tint of your window at all.

Window Tinting in New Orleans

Regardless of what types of window tint appeal to you, the professionals at Mobile One Auto Sound can offer a professional window tint installation every time. When you’re ready to get started, stop into one of our three locations in Metairie, Covington, and Gretna to check out our options and schedule an installation appointment.

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