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Top Automotive Accessories for Winter Road Trips

The Best Car Accessories to Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

Although the holidays have come and gone, many people will still take to the road to visit family or to just get away. Especially in today’s times, many people are opting to drive to their destinations as opposed to flying, simply for safety’s sake.

Before embarking on any road trip, some careful thought and planning can keep your family safe on the journey. Drivers that live in southern and warmer weather states rarely give a lot of thought to winter driving hazards, but if your road trip is going to take you through more northern states that are prone to the winter threats of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance for a safe adventure.

Common Winter Car Accessories

There are some common-sense items that every car should be equipped with when trekking across icy terrain. We all know how unsafe it is to drive your car with your windshield covered with snow or ice, and a simple ice scraper/snow brush combination is an inexpensive remedy for this problem.

If you are one of those people who hate to scrape ice off of your windshield (we can’t blame you there!), a windshield cover may be right up your alley. They even come in different colors to dress up your vehicle. Or, for the ultimate in convenience, consider installing an aftermarket remote starter so you can warm your car up before you even get in - no scraping required!

Battery booster cables are another item that we southern drivers rarely think to carry, but if you’re going to be driving to or through a cold-weather state, having booster cables handy can save you time and aggravation if the cold weather proves too much for your battery.

Another nice thing to have are snow chains for tire traction, which can be a lifesaver for preventing your vehicle from getting stuck. And how about this for a fun tip? Cat litter can help you get more traction if you find yourself stuck in a slick spot, so be sure to carry a container of it in your trunk. Other accessories to have on-hand include de-icing spray for your windows and windshield, traffic triangles in the event of a stall-out, and a first aid kit.

Advanced Aftermarket Auto Accessories

Beyond the basics, there’s a wide variety of auto accessories that can be installed to improve the safety of your vehicle, no matter the weather conditions. Blind-spot detectors, aftermarket backup cameras, advanced rear-view mirrors, and remote car starters all add convenience and heighten the safety of your car, truck, or SUV. And of course, a rear-seat entertainment system keeps everyone sane during extra-long road trips!

Automotive Safety Accessories

Mobile One Auto Sound carries a full lineup of aftermarket safety accessories that can be added to your vehicle if it doesn’t come with certain safety features straight from the manufacturer. We carry high-quality products from top-notch brands, such as Voxx Electronics, Kenwood, and iBeam - all of which are known as leaders in auto safety accessories.

One safety accessory that’s small but mighty is an aftermarket backup camera. We have many backup camera brands to choose from, and our installation experts will ensure proper fit and functionality for any system you choose.

Our experts at Mobile One Auto Sound can also get you set up with advanced rearview mirror monitors, which feature a small screen within one corner of the mirror and can give you an easy view of what is behind you and in your blind spots.

Mobile One also carries items such as remote car starters, and we can even install window tint for your vehicle to prevent glare from reflections off the winter snow, or from that bright summer sun. For window tinting in New Orleans, Mobile One Auto Sound is your one-stop-shop for quality, convenience, and affordability.

Vehicle Entertainment Systems

While it may not be considered a safety accessory, equipping your vehicle with a quality entertainment system can certainly keep you occupied and sane, especially when you’re traveling with young children. We have the very best sound systems that will give you hours of listening pleasure, whether it be a satellite radio system or digital players which can take advantage of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Many parents agree that a rear-seat entertainment system is a must on long road trips with kids. We’ve got the hookup there as well. We carry the latest in Voxx rear-seat entertainment systems that can be outfitted with two separate monitors and display video from your car DVD player, or be connected through HDMI to all the family’s favorite devices for gameplay and entertainment. Each system is equipped with USB and MicroSD inputs, and they can even charge cell phones or other devices.

Aftermarket Auto Accessory Installation in New Orleans

If you live in the New Orleans area, you have a great source for all these auto accessories and more at Mobile One Auto Sound. As the name implies, we have all the latest car stereos from all of your favorite brands, including Kenwood, Pioneer, Jensen, Scosche, and more. But we also carry much more than that. Whether you need a remote starter, window tinting, or even marine and powersport accessories, we’re here to help you make your vehicle exactly as you want it. Plus, with three convenient locations in Gretna, Metairie, and Covington, we’re sure to be just down the street no matter where in the New Orleans area you live. Contact us today to chat about your aftermarket auto accessory installation needs.

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